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Teaching: Business Administration and Management Accounting.  

Research Topics: Managerial Accounting, Accounting Behavior, Performance Management, Organizational Performance, Organizational Behavior, Employee Performance

CV (in pdf): CV - ITA Ottobre 2019; CV - ENG October 2019  

Lorenzo Lucianetti, Ph.D., is a Professor of Business Administration and the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Economics and Management at the University of Chieti and Pescara, Italy. He is also a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Cranfield, U.K. and a DBA supervisor at the Liverpool University (UK). His research has appeared in refereed journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, the Journal of Applied Psychology, the Journal of Operations Management, the Journal of Organizational Behavior, the Journal of Business Ethics, the International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Management Accounting Research, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, the Journal of International Accounting Research, Human Resource Management, International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, International Journal of Production Economics, Decisional Science, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Business Ethics: A European Review.


Financial Times Top 50 Journals Publications (FT50):

Brazel J., Lucianetti L., Shaefer T., Reporting Concerns about Earnings Quality: An Examination of Corporate Managers. Journal of Business Ethics (Forthcoming).

NG W.H., Lucianetti L. (2019). Are Embedded Employees Active or Passive?  The Roles of Learning Goal Orientation and Preferences for Wide Task Boundaries and Job Mobility in the Embeddedness-Voice LinkHuman Resource Management.

Lee D.J., Yu G., Singhapakdi M., Sirgy J., Lucianetti L. (2018). The Effects of Explicit and Implicit Ethics Institutionalization on Employee Life Satisfaction and Happiness: The Mediating Effects of Employee Experiences in Work Life and Moderating Effects of Work-Family Life Conflict, Journal of Business Ethics, 147, p.p. 855-874.

NG W.H., Lucianetti L. (2016). Within-Individual Increases in Innovative Behavior and Creative, Persuasion, and Change Self-Efficacy Over Time: A Social Cognitive Theory Perspective. Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 101(1), pp 14-34.

Barnes C., Lucianetti L., Bhave D., and Christian M. (2015). You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Sleepy: Leader Sleep, Daily Abusive Supervision, and Work Unit Engagement. Academy of Management Journal, 58, 5, 1, pp 1419-1437.

Koufteros X. A., Verghese, A. J., Lucianetti L. (2014). The Effect Of Performance Measurement Systems On Firm Performance: A Cross-Sectional And A Longitudinal Study. Journal of Operations Management, Volume 32, Issue 6, September 2014, pp. 313?336.


Others Publications in A Journals

Lucianetti L., Battista V., Koufteros, X., (2019) Comprehensive Performance Measurement Systems Design and Organizational effectiveness. International Journal of Production and Operation Management. 

Migliori S., Pittino D., Consorti A., Lucianetti L. (2019). The relationship between Entrepreneurial Orientation, Market Orientation and Performance in University Spin-Offs International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal.

Shafer W., Lucianetti L. (2018). Machiavellianism, Stakeholder Orientation And Support For Sustainability Reporting. Business Ethics: A European Review, 27, pp. 272–285.

Lucianetti L., Chiappetta C., Gunasekaran A, Latan H. (2018). Contingency factors, complementary effects of adopting advanced manufacturing and management practices, measurement systems, and firms’ performance. International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 200, pp. 318 – 328.

LU G., Koufteros X., Lucianetti L. (2017). Supply chain security: A classification of practices and an empirical study of differential effects and complementarity. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.

NG W.H., Lucianetti L. (2016). Goal Striving, Idiosyncratic Deals, and Job Behavior. Journal of Organizational Behavior, vol. 37, Issue 1, 1, pp. 41-60.

Bourne M., Pavlov A., Franco M., Lucianetti L., Mura M. (2013). Generating Organisational Performance: The Contributing Effects of Performance Measurement and Human Resource Management Practices. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Vol. 33 No. 11/12, 2013 pp. 1599-1622.

Franco M., Lucianetti L., Bourne M. (2012). Contemporary performance measurement systems: A review of their consequences and a framework for research. Management Accounting Research, 23, pp. 79-119 (Most cited paper from 2010).


Other Publications 

Curtis M., Vinson J., Conover T., Lucianetti L., Battista V. (2018). National Culture and Ethical Judgment: A Social Contract Approach to the Contrast of Ethical Decision-Making by Accounting Professionals and Students from the U.S. and Italy. Journal of International Accounting Research, 16(2), pp. 103-120.


Publications in Practitioners Journals

Lucianetti L. (2010). The impact of strategy maps on balanced scorecard performance. International Journal of Business Performance Management, Vol. 12, 1, pp. 21-36.

Curtis M, Conover T., Lucianetti L., Battista V. (2016). Business Judgements and National Culture: A comparison of US and Italian Management Accountants, Management Accounting Quarterly.

Lucianetti L., Roster C. A., & Albaum G. (2016). Exploring Topic Sensitivity and Managers? Likelihood to Participate in Internet Surveys: A Research Note, Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, 10(1) (ISSN# 2155-2843).

Roster C. A., Lucianetti L., & Albaum G. (2015). Exploring slider vs. categorical response formats in web-based surveys. Journal of Research Practice, 11(1), http://jrp.icaap.org/index.php/jrp/article/view/509/413


Publications in National Journals 

1) Lucianetti L., Battista V. (2015), La manipolazione dei valori di bilancio: l'importanza della pressione del management e dei tratti personali nell'attività del controller, Management Control, 1, 101-132, ISSN 2239-0391.

2) Lucianetti L., (2013). Antecedents and consequences of Balanced Scorecard, Economia Aziendale Online 2000 Web, 4, 1, 19-32, ISSN 2038-5498.

3) Lucianetti, L., (2011). L'adozione della Balanced Scorecard: i risultati di una ricerca empirica, Management Control, 3, 39-66. ISSN 2239-0391

4) Lucianetti L., Cocco A., Minunno F. (2011). La Value Relevance dell'utile e del capitale netto: il ruolo degli investimenti in Ricerca e Sviluppo, in Financial Reporting, 3. ISSN 2036-6779.

5) Lucianetti L. (2010). Pratiche manageriali e tecnologie di produzione/logistica nelle aziende manifatturiere italiane, Rivista Italiana di Ragioneria e di Economia Aziendale, 1/2, 50-59; ISSN: 1593-9154.



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